Mick the Bass

Mick the Bass, bandmate

He cuts a distinctive figure, either onstage, or leaping from the pages of the Catside Fashion Magazines.

‘I’m a Trumaine Hound
And I’m Trumaine Proud
True to my Buddies
True to my Sound”’

Born in Trumaine, Mick bears the distinctive black and white markings peculiar to hounds who inhabit that remote part of the world.

It’s that kind of remote aloofness that gives him his cool, chic stage persona. Onstage with his Trummer Bass slung low from the shoulder of his full-length green velveteen coat, and shod in his staggeringly chunky platform shoes, he’s the powerhouse of the band.

He surveys the audience from behind his trademark square framed glasses and winks at the swooning houndettes and cats! Mick’s throbbing beat will continue to set hearts throbbing wherever this stylish shoes will take him.

“Why The blues?
The Blues Needs No Reason, The blues Is Its Own Reason.”

Lonely Dog

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