Celia Crème

Celia, the cat that befriended Lonely​

Celia Crème is a high fashion goddess​

Her signature fabric, a luxurious combination of cashmere and silk that she calls, ‘cashmilk’, can be seen everywhere in Catside, draped over the languorous forms of the upper crust felines. Her ravishingly coiffed, whiskered face appears regularly on the covers of tabloids and magazines and is instantly recognized and admired by all in Catside.

When telling of her association with Lonely Dog, Celia relates that, “It was at the orphanage here in Catside, many years ago now (one forgets the exact date), that we became companions strange as that may seem… a kitterling and a houndling, close friends! One doesn’t like to dwell on those times, but Arthur was a perfect gentleman even then, which I recall being so strange for a hound.”

In spite of all the fame and fortune that her fashion empire affords her, Celia Crème still carries in her soul the memory of those barefoot years in the Catside orphanage.

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