is the 'big hound'

“You could call me the Mayor of the Wild!”

Bronson is always attired in the Howlers blood-red patches and colors, sporting dark shades no matter what the time of day, personifying houndly aloofness and coolness. His imposing silhouette stands out in any setting, literally, head and shoulders above all other hounds in Alveridge. He can be seen on any given evening with his biker buddies at any one of a number of the seedier bars and eateries in the Port.

“Hounds have been riding bikes, cruising the streets, and howling out loud for generations. We set our own time, sleep when we want, and eat what we like! As long as I can swing a paw over my houndster, there will never be any laws against hounds doing such things in Alveridge! No politician, cat or otherwise, will ever change what was never meant to be changed”.
“You see, we hounds are governed by a higher law, the Hound Law!” He beams a full tooth smile, “You could call me the Mayor of the Wild!”

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