Kelzie, the love interest​

Kelzie always believed in Lonely...​

Kelzie had always been the quiet one. With her soft brown pigtails and limpid eyes she always stood apart from the other Houndettes at the Orphanage. Her deep chestnut eyes had fluttered at Lonely Dog from a young age. She and he had always been close, attracted at first through their mutual shyness. As young houndlings, their friendship started out more like brother and sister, but over the years it blossomed into something much more than sibling affection. Maybe it was her moist button nose or her petite slim snout?
Or was it the way she always believed in him – saw greatness where others saw failure? It was for Kelzie that Lonely had written some of his most beautiful love songs.

‘…Like a love Puppet on a string with a heart of wood and glue I gave my soul and my everything just like Momma said to do…’

Kelzie's True Love

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“I owe the Blues to the Green”

Lonely Dog

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