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Lonely Dog is not new to Hollywood. Since 2009 when Variety magazine announced that Warner Brothers had acquired screen rights there has been much speculation as to what will follow.

The Lonely Dog franchise has huge appeal to family audiences. The up-and-coming Lonely Dog Immersive Experience, will be a captivating multi-media experience of storytelling, projection, animation and music, celebrating the arts within an interactive multiple large screen experience. 

An animated feature film and other-wordly OTT / cable series are also planned and will further bring the world and story of Lonely Dog to life for the world to celebrate, the well defined story lines is most suited for both prequels and sequels.

A little bit Disney, with a pinch of Tolkien, with the wonder of Harry Potter then a heavy dose of Wow! The story is about more than cats and dogs, It’s about race and class, us versus them and old versus new. Just as our real world awakens to real world challenges, the story of Lonely Dog is a timely portrayal of age-old conflicts that will speak to a global audience.

Lonely Dog begins humbly as an outcast who grows up misunderstood, and hunted from town to town, eventually becoming a refugee in his own country. Ultimately, he unites the conflicting, adversarial characters of Alveridgea with his heart piercing songs and music. 

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