The Animation

The future for Lonely Dog...
At the heart of Lonely Dog's world is story-telling. Animation is the magic that happens when emotion collides with motion, turning fantasy into reality.

The Old Shed

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Whale Milkers

Whales mixing
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Tom Cats 2D

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The Luna Express

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Celia Arrives

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Animation allows us unlimited freedom for imaginative storytelling. When done right, it has the power to evoke all kinds of emotions that can leave lasting impressions on an audience.

Lonely Dog is an animator’s dream. It has all the ingredients to become an award-winning franchise; exceptional art, a surreal story, compelling and relatable characters, coupled with a hair-raising fantasy adventure…all taking place in a world like no other…inhabited by dogs and cats that act unpredictably, a lot like people.

There is nothing traditional about the world of Lonely Dog. Through Ivan’s art and the novel that followed, you can almost smell the “bacon and barley-baccy” and feel the place as “the air shimmers and hums with smoke and music”.



3D Models


We are creating new things...

An Exhibition is coming soon!

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