A K Ruddegan

AK Ruddegan, the bad cat

He epitomizes all that is evil and corrupt in Alveridgea.

If the smoke stacks on the Port Alveridge Fish Cannery are a symbol of Houndish oppression, then A K Ruddegan most certainly represents all that is evil and corrupt in Alveridgea.

His full title, as emblazoned in gold plate on his palatial office door, is ‘Mayor & Colonel A K Ruddegan, President & CEO’
Diminutive in stature, but a giant in greed and corruption, A K Ruddegan has eyes of cold obsidian atop a bushy mustache carefully manicured by the cut-throat razor he keeps in his waistcoat pocket.

He surveys his corporate kingdom from his seventh floor factory office. Seated in a richly upholstered scarlet leather armchair whilst spearing goldfish from a cut crystal bowl with his manicured claw (and swallowing them whole!), he plots and schemes the Hounds enslavement.

His selfishness and corruption is legendary, his power total. But there’s a Revolution coming down the road that not even Mayor Ruddegan and all his thuggish Tom Cats can stop!

The Sinister Mayor’s Evil Ways

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