Lonely Dog on the cover of QT Magazine

Lonely Dog brought to life in stunning production by Jenny Mcleod Prominent Queenstown landscape artist Ivan Clarke’s Lonely Dog character and the vibrant fantasy world he lives in is being brought to life in a multimedia immersive event, the result of a collaboration between American and Italian production companies. Producer Cliff Dew, president of Jumping […]


Rigging sample – Celia Rigging sample – Rolf https://https://vimeo.com/506771847

3D Models

Hound Coal Stoker Whale Milker Hound


Rolph’s 5 String Guitar The Wizzer https://vimeo.com/https://vimeo.com/506770635 The Luna Express Fat Cats Car

The Battle of Beaconsfield

Rolph Flannegan often tried to enliven his lessons on Houndish history by inviting speakers to address the students. His old friend, the Baron, was a frequent guest lecturer and right now holding forth on his favorite subject – a crucial episode in Hound history – The Battle of Beaconsfield. ‘The Cats held the high ground […]

Lonely Dog Captured

Warden O’Grady was standing by the iron gate at the prison jetty, it was surmounted with razor wire and flanked by ominous watchtowers from which Toms with machine-guns impassively watched the Mayor approach. O’Grady greeted Mayor Ruddegan with a dead-fish smile and a clammy grip. ‘Welcome to Fever Creek, Mr. Mayor,’ he said in a […]

Lonely’s Awakening

‘These folks are like kin to you, ain’t they Lonely?’ Brother Jeroboam asked, his voice so low, Lonely had to strain forward to hear. ‘They are my family,’ he replied emphatically. Brother Jeroboam lit his pipe and blew a smoke ring into the night. ‘What about your other family?’ he said quietly. Lonely Looked at […]

A Bronson Tale

Bronson suddenly spotted Celia wheeling a small hound and pushing her way through the circle of Howlers towards him. ‘Arthur Snout,’ Bronson whispered to himself, ‘is that really you?’ This was not the young pup he remembered from the orphanage days; here, staggering towards him, looking dazed, was Lonely Dog grown up. The bikers were […]

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