The Grand Ol Snouter: Eighth Edition

Houndair is trialling a revolutionary new idea for first-class passengers.

In a bid to encourage tourism to other areas, the Alveridge-based airline is considering offering no-landing drop-offs. The service was inspired by the revelation in the recent documentary ‘Lonely no longer’ that LD is a keen sport parachutist.

Airline management today revealed plans are underway to see passengers given parachutes as their flights approach spots of special interest, and offered the option to ‘Step out and stop off’. “As you know, because hounds just love aviation, our flights are all circular, we only ever land at the same place we take off. But this way we could drop off business people and holiday-makers wherever they wanted.

They could return on the next flight in the same way,” an airline executive told a packed press conference at Alveridge International Airport.

He denied the idea was a move to beat expensive landing fees, but an enhanced service and a chance for people to emulate their hero, LD.

“We would be quite prepared for regular travellers to bring their own parachutes. We’d even have lockers at the airport for them,” he said.

When asked about Hounds’ fear of heights he produced what looked like sunbed glasses which he called ‘sensory reduction eyewear’.

When pushed he revealed they were actually total blackout devices to stop would-be jumpers realising they were about to plummet. The idea has to go before the full Houndair board before its proposed implementation this summer.

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