still life painting, dog art

Ëvery hound from every clan is gathered. Tents are pitched – badly! Fires are lit – too big! Structures erected – too flimsily! The Howlers arrive in trucks and bikes to provide security for free, deliberately taking all the good spots on and around the speaker stacks. Who cares? It all works out for the best. It is Midsummer Madness! Caught in the spotlight, guitar caressing the evening breeze, Lonely Dog and the Sunshine Boys, at the peak of their powers begin to cast the spell for which they have all come in this still life painting. The air stills, the whole bay catches it’s breath. The moment has arrived…..

Number in Edition: Open Edition of two sizes plus 50 Artist’s Proofs
Artist's Proof - A/P: Edition of 50. Hand Re-touched and textured by brush
Media: Fine art Giclee on Canvas. The Small and Medium giclees are not limited edition.
  • Small

    Marmalade Mountain, (90 x 50cm)

    $ 690.00 NZD

    (UNFRAMED) Lightfast GICLEE on Museum Canvas

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  • Medium

    Marmalade Mountain, (120 x 66cm)

    $ 870.00 NZD

    (UNFRAMED) Lightfast GICLEE on Museum Canvas

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  • Artist's Proofs (A/P)

    Marmalade Mountain, (191 x 100 cm)

    $ 25000.00 NZD

    (UNFRAMED) Lightfast GICLEE on Museum Canvas, Hand Re-touched Artist’s Proof Replica

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