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Illustrated Novel - Hardcover

Ivan Clarke’s Lonely Dog: Illustrated Novel and Art Collection

Nothing brings the magic world of make believe to life like a well written book.

This groundbreaking illustrated novel for kids and adults is the fascinating and compelling tale of the ‘Lonely Dog’. It’s a dog’s story book about an orphan hound growing up in Alveridgea, where cats and dogs live alongside each other, but on very different sides of the tracks. The charming animal book is a fable of finding purpose amidst social division, and is highly relevant to today’s world.

This colorful, whimsical, and moving saga is a book about a dog, Arthur Snout, nicknamed “Lonely Dog” in his youth. Abandoned on the cold steps of a Houndside orphanage, the small un-houndish pup grows up on the hard scrabble, working class side of town, where motorbike gangs mingle with milkmen and everything is faded, including dreams.

Bullied and misunderstood, in this illustrated dog novel Lonely is hounded from town to town and ultimately becomes a refugee in his own country. With a price on his head, all that this shy reluctant hero cares about is the guitar on his back and his one true love. But fate has a much more urgent and vital plan for his life.

This is his story.

A delightful adult and children’s book with beautiful dog illustrations, Ivan Clarke’s Lonely Dog comes to life in an enjoyable animal story co-written with Stu Duval. Perfect for enjoying together, the illustrated novel includes a selection of the Lonely Dog Art Collection, printed in premium color. Bound with a durable hard cover, the Lonely Dog novel can be treasured forever.


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