Who is Celia Crème?

Who is Celia Crème?

‘Celia! Creme! Where are my damn painkillers?’ he called out into the vast marble atrium at the centre of his enormous mansion. From an upstairs room came the blare of a gramophone. It assaulted his ears and set his head pounding.

I got me a suit and I got me a tie But the only time I’ll wear ’em is the day I’m gonna die!
He scowled. ‘Houndskiffle? In my house!’ he thought.

‘CELIA! Turn that infernal Hound racket off and help me find my painkillers!’

Who is Bella Bostock?

Bella Bostock

Having settled her newest founding in Marvin’s room, Bella Bostock crept away, yawning. One more hungry snout to feed, but they would manage somehow. There would be time to think about it tomorrow. ‘There’s been enough excitement for one night,’ she thought – but the thought was interrupted by the rusty clang of the doorbell.


Who is Brother Jeroboam?

Who is Brother Jeroboam?

The Cathedral doors clanged shut, the great assembly fell silent, and the lantern light above dimmed to an expectant shimmer. Only the hidden spotlight remained, full and white on Brother Jeroboam.

“Brother and Sister Jukes!” He thundered in a voice that would raise the dead and make them dance. “Have you toiled by the sweat of your brow this day?”

“We have so toiled!” came the deafening reply.

Rolph Flannegan Short Stories: Houndster Whizzer

Rolph Flannegan Short Stories:

On this summer’s evening, the Houndlings were safely asleep in their dorms and Bella had gone to bed, her tail in curlers. Rolph crept out, heading for the old woodshed at the back of the Orphanage. Once his eyes had adjusted to the gloom, he walked softly behind the shed and lifted up a greasy tarpaulin to reveal a gleaming two-cylinder Houndster Whizzer, complete with woven-can sidecar and brass headlamp.