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The World of Alveridge is a rich and vivacious fantasy world where cats and dogs live together in Port Alveridge. A curious sophisticated world, segregated yet all inclusive, with a warm 1950’s vibe with rich vibrancy and texture that will remind you of the glory days gone by.

World of Alveridge Dog Art Concert

dog art World of Alveridge

The paintings, drawings, and sculptures of the Lonely Dog World pull the viewer into world of Alveridge while depicting various scenes of the contrasting lifestyles of Felines and the working-class Alveridgean Houndsfolk.

A mixture of Queenstown locals and overseas visitors have progressively fallen in love with Lonely Dog and his world, and have become avid collectors of all things “Alveridgean” – particularly the limited edition prints and drawings. We hope you enjoy your journey into the truly eccentric and whimsical world of Port Alveridge.
World of Alveridge sketch artist

Excerpt from The Book: Alveridgea

“Secrets and legends. The land of Alveridgea abounds with them. Old Rolph Flannegan was a Hound with many secrets he had buried deep. As he stumbled up the hill on this moonless night he felt a knocking in his chest, something more that his aging heart, pumping like a leaky piston, unused to such physical exertion. They were old secrets, banging on the door of his soul, demanding resurrection. He reached the summit of the hill, gulping air like a drowning pup, and fell to his knees, loosening the collar of his sweat drenched shirt.”

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