The story “Alveridgea – and the legend of the Lonely Dog” (co-written by Ivan & Stu Duval) has been published by Atlantic Books – London. This has been highly rated by critics and published in multiple languages.

The story relates Lonely Dog’s moving journey through life as a houndling who was abandoned on the Houndside Orphanage steps. All “snout and ears” in the beginning, he is a loner bullied by other orphan houndlings who nickname him “Lonely.” He emerges ultimately as a dapper, pin-stripe suited rocker with wing-tipped shoes and a gift for music — ultimately creating a name for himself as a legendary virtuoso. As the pup grows up in the whimsical world of Alveridgea where cats and dogs inhabit a segregated society, the story builds into a sophisticated world with twists, metaphors and social parallels with outrageous notions and ideologies with a whole range of paranormal ideas.

Co-Writers, Stu Duval & Ivan Clarke
Co-Writers, Stu Duval & Ivan Clarke

Early on, Sir Richard Taylor (Five Oscars) of Weta Workshop fame (“Lord of the Rings”) received a copy of Ivan’s “light-hearted tales” and also fell in love with the Lonely Dog story.

Introductions to Lonely Dog were made in Hollywood, resulting in Variety Magazine announcing that Warner Brothers had acquired the Movie rights and soon after Atlantic Books London secured world publishing right’s.


A monumental bronze sculpture of Lonely Dog was unveiled at the first Grande Alveridgean Exposition and Ball attended by over 400 guests in Queenstown NZ -home of Lonely Dog. This magnificent piece is a collaboration between Ivan Clarke and Sir Richard Taylor, founder of Weta workshop. It was sculpted to mark the beginning of the creative legacy of Lonely Dog.

Lonely Dog Sculpture

All things “Alveridgean” soon captured people’s imagination. A prominent UK Stage show producer approached Ivan about a Stage Musical franchise believing in time the project would become a stunning stage production. Clothing designers were attracted to the unique Alveridgean motifs and designs, Bikers caught vision and started production prototypes of street wear and inventions, Musicians caught on and started expressing their inspiration from the world and story and Houndsong music was born.

As well as the novel, another book – “The Almalogue” was produced under the directorship of Graham Burt and Garry Phipps, also co-written with Ivan’s long time friend and story-teller Stu Duval. This giant, beautifully hand-made leather-bound book was to contain in essence all things “Alveridgean.” The Almalogue style-guide, subsequently became an award-winning production and, along with other bronze character sculptures proved to be a key element to be used in movie development moving forward. Sales of the limited editions then contributed multi-millions in revenue to help fund ongoing opportunities for Lonely Dog

Graham Burt (CEO) and Garry Phipps (CFO)
Graham Burt (CEO) and Garry Phipps (CFO)

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