ocean view painting, dog artist

Twinkling like a jewel in the middle distance over Hounds Head, Port Alveridge revels in the spectacular skylight and over bright moon for which it is famous and for which travelers come from miles around. Its peaceful surface belies the tension between hound and cat, tumbledown and pristine, original owner and newcomer, casual versus control. The pot is beginning .
to boil.

Number in Edition: 280 comprising 250 of one size plus 30 Artist's Proofs
Artist's Proof - A/P: (Hand rendered, re-touched and textured by brush)
Media: Fine-art limited edition Giclee on Canvas - signed and numbered.

    Towards Port Alveridge, 660 x 840

    $ 5500.00 NZD

    (UNFRAMED) Lightfast GICLEE on Museum Canvas

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    Towards Port Alveridge, 910 x 1145

    $ 16500.00 NZD

    (UNFRAMED) Lightfast GICLEE on Museum Canvas, Hand-rendered, re-touched, and textured by brush

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