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Out way past bedtime, a young Lonely Dog is completely entranced by the incredible sounds of Houndskiffle wafting into the magical evening air from the grizzled, skilled hands of Rolph’s mates. Etched into his memory forever, this moment became the seed that grew to greatness in the wee hound, planting forever the desire to use his music to cast a similar spell.

Number in Edition: 385 comprising 350 in one size plus 35 Artist's Proofs
Artist's Proof - A/P: (Hand rendered, re-touched and textured by brush)
Media: Fine-art limited edition Giclee on Museum Canvas - signed and numbered

    After Midnight, 660 x 910

    $ 5500.00 NZD

    (UNFRAMED) Lightfast GICLEE on Museum Canvas

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    After Midnight, 760 x 1010

    $ 16500.00 NZD

    (UNFRAMED) Lightfast GICLEE on Museum Canvas, Hand-rendered, re-touched, and textured by brush

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