Port Alveridge Regatta

This prestigious biannual event is heavily attended by the most prominent Cat families in all of Alveridgea. Hotels are booked years in advance, traffic is diverted away from the waterfront board-walk and docks, as cars make way for Candy-floss tents, hotdog stands and mobile spray-tan-and-peroxide clinics. This is a Feline spectacular. What is not common knowledge is that Cats do not like sailing; they would rather be seen to be seen and spectating well away from the wet action. The Port Alveridge Cup has been won and displayed in the office of A. K. Ruddegan, the cannery mogul, for the past twelve years running. That’s because it is A. K. who owns the whole fleet of competitors and who employs the best sea-hound sailors to crew the yacht which he skippers to victory.

Blank interior.

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