The Grand Ol Snouter: Eighth Edition

Parachutes Considered Houndair is trialling a revolutionary new idea for first-class passengers. In a bid to encourage tourism to other areas, the Alveridge-based airline is considering offering no-landing drop-offs. The service was inspired by the revelation in the recent documentary ‘Lonely no longer’ that LD is a keen sport parachutist. Airline management today revealed plans…


McGinty and the Wilkers

…In the corner by the window sat a knot of old Wilkers (sea slang for whale milkers) brooding over their beers. They eye me cautiously, like a winter squall, as I approach the bar. I wait for the bar-keep and notice that the walls of The Rotten Catch are liberally decorated with antique whale-milking paraphernalia…


The Grand Ol Snouter: Seventh Edition

Curry casualties Houdsimo claimed another five victims last night after a spice challenge got out of control. An Alveridge General Hospital spokesman confirmed five hounds had undergone emergency throat transplants after an evening at the Tandoori Tower restaurant on Harbour Road. The five were part of a group of work colleagues on a birthday party…


Lonely Dog in Red Tie

This Artwork is available as a limited edition Giclee printed in light-fast pigment, on museum quality art paper. Available in three sizes, 150 of each signed and numbered including the written text:

“Small in stature, stout of heart with impeccable manners”

To purchase this masterpiece, please email us.

The Grand Ol Snouter: Sixth Edition

Cannery Protest goes to Opera House The Port Alveridge Fish Cannery workers marched to Catside today where they have staged a camp-out in front of the Opera House. Spokeshound, Jeremy Folksbeard risked his life scaling the giant marble portico with a mattress and giant megaphone strapped to his back and announced to all of Catside…


Tall Tales

Uncle Willy could be counted on, he could juggle, yodel and do a jig on the cricket pitch. Best of all Willy had a way with words. In his Baritone drawl he would hold-forth why all young houndling’s should stay up late, eat lashings of Cherry-whistle pie and engage in what he termed “large helpings…